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Our Immigration team has extensive legal knowledge, experience and an unwavering commitment to helping our clients achieve the best outcome in their case. We offer comprehensive legal services for employers, as well as for individuals.


Our firm will assist you with a wide range of immigration services, including the following:


  • Work Permits (temporary and full)
  • Key Employees
  • Business Visitors Permits
  • Business Staffing Plans
  • Permanent Residence:
    • 25 year Residency Certificate for Persons of Independent Means
    • Residency Certificate of Direct Investment
    • Certificate of Permanent Residency for Persons of Independent Means
    • Residency Certificate (Substantial Business Presence)
    • Residency for Spouses of Caymanians
    • 8 Year Residency with Employment Rights
  • The Right to be Caymanian (formerly Caymanian status)
  • Immigration Appeals
  • Naturalisation as a British Overseas Territories Citizen